Table 63-1-2-2: Draft Commercial and Mixed Use Zoning Districts

Table 63-1-2-2

Commercial and Mixed Use Zoning Districts


The purpose of this Zoning District is to provide for:

District Plan Designation 1



Commercial and Mixed Use

All commercial and mixed uses must demonstrate the suitability of the Development relative to the proof of physically and legally available water, including, when applicable, a safe yield analysis; provisions for a wastewater system and emergency services; together with access to a State or County roadway that has, or commensurate with the phasing and timing of Development, will have the requisite capacity for the trips generated by the Development.

Agricultural Commercial


General or commercial land uses that are appropriate and compatible within an agricultural setting, as spelled out in the tables in Subchapter 63-2, Land Uses Established.

Not Applicable

Suburban Commercial


Limited commercial land uses that are comparable in scale and compatible with the Suburban Residential (SR) or Semi-Urban Residential (SU) neighborhoods.

Local Commercial (BA, FM, FR, VA)

Fort Lewis Mesa (existing)

Suburban Density Residential (BA, FR, NC, VA, WD)

Animas Valley Neighborhood Commercial

Auto-Urban Commercial


A broad range of commercial office, retail, and service uses.

Commercial (DD)

Mixed Commercial / Light Industrial (LP)

Mixed Commercial / Industrial (DD)

General Commercial (AV)

Mixed Use


A mixture of residential and commercial uses in a planned development that is designed and compatible for taller building heights and a greater intensity of use.

Not Applicable

Table Notes

  1. The District Plan designations are from the plans for each of the Planning Districts as of the Effective Date of this Code. The two letter abbreviations refer to the individual Planning Districts, as set forth in Sec. 62-2-4, Consistency with Plans.