Table 63-1-2-3: Draft Business, Industrial, Public, and Community Facilities Zoning Districts

Table 63-1-2-3

Business, Industrial, Public, and Community Facilities Zoning Districts


The purpose of this Zoning District is to provide for:

District Plan Designation 1



Business and Industrial

All business and industrial uses must demonstrate the suitability of the Development relative to the proof of physically and legally available water, including, when applicable, a safe yield analysis; provisions for a wastewater system and emergency services; together with access to a State or County roadway that has, or commensurate with the phasing and timing of Development, will have the requisite capacity for the trips generated by the Development.

Business Park


Office, research, and/or technology parks with enhanced site and building standards to create a campus-like employment center. This District may also provide for heavy commercial and light industrial uses provided their operations are conducted indoors and on-site storage and truck traffic is limited.

Office / Light Industrial (FM)

Business Park


Animas Valley Business/Industrial Park Overlay District

Gem Village



More intensive industrial uses that may include, but are not limited to, manufacturing, fabrication, and warehousing with both indoor and outdoor operations, on-site storage and display, and possibly heavy truck traffic. Environmental effects likely associated with these industrial uses include noise, light, odor, vibration, and other visible and sensory impacts, which are addressed in Subchapter 68-4, Performance Standards.

Industrial (AV, DD, FM, LP, VA)

Public and Community Facilities


Public and institutional uses and properties, which may include, but are not limited to, public utility buildings or sites, public and private schools and other public assembly facilities, and dedicated parks and open space areas.

Public / Quasi-Public (DD)

Parks and Recreation (DD)


/ Accommodations (VA)

Table Notes

  1. The District Plan designations are from the plans for each of the Planning Districts as of the Effective Date of this Code. The two letter abbreviations refer to the individual Planning Districts, as set forth in Sec. 62-2-4, Consistency with Plans.