Table 63-1-2-4: Draft Overlay Districts

Table 63-1-2-4

Overlay Districts


The purpose of this Zoning District is to provide for:

District Plan Designation 1



Established Neighborhood


The continuation and improvement of established neighborhoods without creating nonconforming lots or buildings, and with administrative approval of modifications, enlargements, or improvements subject to certain standards.

Not Applicable

Airport Overlay


Protection against the encroachment of incompatible land uses and to protect safe airport operations for the Durango - La Plata County Airport and the Animas Airpark.

Not Applicable

River Corridor Overlay District


A means to protect water quality, the riparian habitat, and corridors for wildlife; prevent flood damage; and promote the aesthetic and scenic values of the Animas Valley.

Sec. 63-1-3.III

Scenic Overlay District


Preservation and protection of scenic areas and corridors, including, but not limited to, views to distant mountain peaks, large open vistas, views of river corridors, etc.

Sec. 63-1-3.IV

Transition Area Overlay


Appropriate design and Development standards within areas of the County around and adjacent to municipal jurisdictions, to aid in the transition from rural to urban standards.

Not Applicable