Definition of "Driveway":  a roadway, from the intersection with the adjacent public or private road, measured from the shoulder or surface edge to the furthest dwelling unit or accessory structure that provides access to a maximum of two (2) lots or three (3) dwelling units with twenty-four (24) or less ADT.
Sample Driveway Drawing - Large Lot
Sample Driveway Drawing - Small Lot
A driveway permit or exemption form is required from the Engineering Department before you begin building your home.  Please call with questions; (970)382-6363

Your driveway MUST BE MARKED for us to inspect.  Please let us know this has been completed upon submitting your permit application or make other arrangements with our office.  If not done, this may result in a re-inspection fee.  We have flagging in our office for your use. 

Before you will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the Building Department, you will need to CALL FOR A FINAL DRIVEWAY INSPECTION at 970-739-5824.  Thank you for your consideration!

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EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!  Width & length restriction:  No loads over 15' wide and/or 100' long until further notice.  MP 13 - 16.5 (CR 219 to US 160-Farmington Hill) .  Contact CDOT for more information.  Long Distance:  1-800-350-3765, Local:  303-757-9539
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