Definition of "Driveway":  a roadway, from the intersection with the adjacent public or private road, measured from the shoulder or surface edge to the furthest dwelling unit or accessory structure that provides access to a maximum of two (2) lots or three (3) dwelling units with twenty-four (24) or less ADT.

Sample Driveway Drawing - over 125' long
Sample Driveway Drawing - 125' or less

A driveway permit or exemption form should be issued from the Engineering Division before you begin building your home.  We will determine which is necessary.  Please call us with questions; (970)382-6363.  A driveway permit has a $100 fee.

Before you will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) from the Building Department, you will need to CALL US FOR A FINAL DRIVEWAY INSPECTION at 970-382-6378.  Thank you for your consideration!

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EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!  Transportation permit width & length restriction:  No loads over 15' wide and/or 100' long until further notice.  MP 13 - 16.5 (CR 219 to US 160-Farmington Hill) .  Contact CDOT for more information.  Long Distance:  1-800-350-3765, Local:  303-757-9539
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