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Begin the Land Use application process

The first step in initiating a land use application is to evaluate the feasibility of a project. To assist with this, please complete the Project Information Form. Please have a site plan ready for upload before beginning the online form. (For instructions for creating a site plan please visit the Feasibility Evaluation information page.)

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Planning Department is to provide land use, resource management, and leadership services to residents, landowners, and businesses so they can experience a prosperous, vibrant and beautiful community supported by a fair and equitable planning process.

The Planning Department serves as staff to the following boards and commissions:

Planning Commission: Chairman: Jim Tencza  Tom Gorton
Keith Hanson Frank Lockwood  Charly Minkler     Geri Malandra                        Chris Scott
Ryne Waggoner                             

Board of Adjustment:
Steve Barkley                  
Jack Cassidy
Jim Tencza                      
Frank Lockwood
Debby Reber                   

Ashley Ager

Historic Preservation Review Commission:
Andrew Gulliford
Naomi Riess Nick Kendziorski Ruth Lambert Darlene M Koontz
Helen Ruth Aspaas


Contact information

Jason Meininger 
Planning Director

211 Rock Point Drive

Durango, CO 81301 (map)
(970) 382-6263

Monday - Friday 8 a.m-5 p.m.

What we do:

  • Provides information to the public,
  • Explains regulations regarding land use possibilities in the county,
  • Processes land development requests per the County Code,
  • Advises decision-makers regarding land use, growth, and development issues in our community, and
  • Combines current planning and long-range planning to best serve the public interest while allowing growth to occur.

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