AT&T Cell Tower at Sandco Gravel

On June 9, 2016, the La Plata County Planning Department received an application for a Class II land use permit to construct a new wireless communications facility at the Sandco Gravel Pit, 691 Trimble Lane, Durango. This proposed project (Project #2016-0097) includes a 104-foot-tall monopole at the Sandco site (parcel ID 559715100074). This project is governed by La Plata County regulations for telecommunication facilities contained within the La Plata County Land Use Code, Chapter 82.

Project Details
For detailed information on the proposed wireless communication center and tower, please use these links:

Project Narrative (Updated October 6, 2016)
Site Plans (Updated January 5, 2017)
Photo Simulations
Photo Simulations (Supplemental images, August 10, 2016)
Propagation Coverage Maps  1800 MHz
Propagation Coverage Maps 800 MHz

Public Hearing
The AT&T cell tower is scheduled for the April 13, 2017 Planning Commission hearing.  This meeting will begin at 6:00 pm and is held at the County Administration Building at 1101 E. 2nd Ave.  Mailed public notice for this hearing will be sent out to surrounding landowners the last week of March, along with email, newsletter, newspaper and webpage updates. The staff report will be completed the first week of April and will be available on this page.  This will be the first of two hearings; the second being before the BOCC which is tentatively scheduled for May 16, 2017.

Public Involvement
As part of the Class II permit process, the Planning Department held a Neighborhood Compatibility Meeting where the applicant presented neighbors with a summary of the proposed project, answered questions, and to received public input. This  informal “neighborhood” meeting was an opportunity for the public to learn about the proposed tower and to discuss concerns with the applicant and planning staff. It was not a public hearing of the La Plata County Planning Commission or the Board of County Commissioners and no decisions were made at the gathering.

Relevant documents from the Neighborhood meeting include:
Summary of Neighborhood Meeting
List of attendees
Applicant's site plan
Presentation on RF and Public Health

Your Input
We encourage public comment on this proposal and will include all comments in the project file and staff report packet, as well as relay public input to the project applicant. The planning department can take public comment in several ways:

 - Email Daniel Murray at
 - Send mail to the La Plata County Planning Department at 211 Rock Point Drive, Durango, CO, 81301