Comprehensive Plan Update 2015-2017

Update of the 2001 La Plata County Comprehensive Plan


The La Plata County Comprehensive Plan establishes a framework for land use planning in the County.  Planning is not intended to be a static, one-time event, but an ongoing process that reflects changing conditions in the community.  The Comprehensive Plan is intended to guide growth while protecting the environment and enhancing the lives of county residents.  The Comprehensive Plan also seeks to recognize the diverse perspectives on land use and private property rights expressed by county residents.

Scope of Work

The Planning Commission’s update to the 2001 Comprehensive Plan will be technical in nature utilizing current data sources.  Completion of unfinished elements and updates to existing content will be achieved by using pertinent data, existing or modified content, existing or modified goals, and will be within the plans general framework. 

Upcoming Meetings:

The Planning Commission will be hosting a public meeting the first Thursday of every month to review updates and progress of the La Plata County Comprehensive Plan based on the schedule below.  The public is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. The hyperlinks in the"Elements/Section" will open the proposed updated language. 


Scheduled to begin


Table of Contents

February, 2015

 March, 2015

Tables, Charts, Diagrams, and Maps


February, 2015

March, 2015

Introductionand   Growth Trends

March, 2015

 March, 2015


April, 2015

 June, 2015

Infrastructure, Transportation, Water, Sewer, Utilities, Telecommunications

June, 2015

 August, 2015

 July, 2016  August, 2016

Extractive Resources and Renewable Energy

August, 2015

 November, 2015

Implementation,Amended and Restated Comprehensive Plan

November, 2015


Land Use

January, 2016

 April, 2016


May, 2016

 June, 2016
Implementation, 2nd Certification Amended and Restated Comprehensive Plan 

 September, 2016  

Environmental Resources

September, 2016

 October, 2016

Implementation, 3rd Certification Amended and Restated
Comprehensive Plan

November, 2016  

Public Safety - Draft

December, 2016


Historic Preservation

 February, 2017


Recreation and Tourism

 April, 2017

Comp Plan Certification

 May, 2017  

2017 Comprehensive Plan Adoption meeting materials

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Materials or comments must be received by the Planning Department at least 3 weeks prior to the upcoming Planning Commission meeting for them to be included in the advanced distribution and web posting.  Materials or comments received less than 3 weeks in advance of the meeting date will be distributed to the Planning Commission at the meeting.