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La Plata County has 12 planning districts, 11 of which have developed district plans that establish the goals, policies and objectives to help guide future growth based on the unique characteristics of that area, and the desires of the residents.  These district plans were developed by district residents between 1995-2007 and adopted by the Planning Commission. The plans are advisory documents and are part of the La Plata County Comprehensive Plan, which sets the overarching goals, policies and objectives guiding growth for the county as a whole.  The Land Use Code provides the regulations that implement the goals, objectives and policies established by the district & comprehensive plans.

Long Range Planning  

Because La Plata County is expected to see continued population growth, planning for how our community responds to an influx in residents is important for our county, and we have initiated an effort to update the adopted district plans, which embody the localized vision for how your district will grow and change into the future. 

La Plata County Population Projections

La Plata County Planning Districts
View District land use designations at  La Plata County GIS Mapping Service

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District Plan Update Project

In late 2017, the Planning Commission and Planning staff began a project to update each of the district plans in the county in order to ensure that the goals, policies and objectives for each district's plan still reflect the community's interests, as well as to engage the community in planning for the growth projected by the state demographer's office.

Updating the county's district plans is a community-driven process that relies on neighborhood input to help shape the goals, policies and objectives guiding growth in your community. After, it's where you live! Please get involved!

Through the project, the district plans will be edited to ensure format consistency across the 12 districts. Each district plan update is estimated to occur over the next 14 months with a series of public meetings within the respective district as well as before the Planning Commission, which has reserved the first Thursday of the month from 6-8 p.m. for District Plan update discussion. These meetings are at the County Administration Building, 1101 E. 2nd Ave. in Durango. 

You can view the District Plan update timeline to see when your district is slated for updates. Not sure what planning district you're in? Search here to find your planning district.  

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