Animas Valley Zoning District

The La Plata County Planning Commission and planning staff have kicked off an effort to update the district plans for each of the county's 12 planning districts. These advisory documents, which were first established in the early 1990s, provide growth management recommendations to the Planning Commission, as framed by the goals, policies and objectives of the La Plata County Comprehensive Plan.  

Each district plan:

  • Identifies the unique characteristics of a particular district
  • Captures key issues within each district
  • Establishes goals, policies and objectives to guide growth in each district
  • Assists the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioner in evaluating the density, type, location and compatibility of land uses in each district

Animas Valley Zoning District  (current)

How to get involved!

Your involvement is critical to the Animas Valley District Plan - after all, we are talking about where you live!  We want to be sure that we capture all of your initial input as we begin the Animas Valley District Plan. We very much appreciate your thoughtful input on this important effort for where YOU live and look forward to your continued involvement in the Animas Valley District Plan process. There are three opportunities to participate:

  1. Fill out a brief online survey to articulate any issues, concerns, questions or comments you believe are relevant to the discussion.   
  2. Sign up to receive the Animas Valley newsletter, as well as the Community Development newsletter.

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings to update this plan will be scheduled in 2019. 

District Plans Timeline

Feel free to 
contact the La Plata County Planning Department at (970) 382-6263 with any questions.