Oil and Gas Project Information Form

  1. Provide Driving directions to the proposed facility from Durango.

Section II: Required Attachments

To utilize GIS/Aerial photography for requirements 1-5 below, go to the La Plata County GIS website

  1. Surface Owner notifications (LPLUC 90-77, 90-41):
    1. Attach a copy of the letter that was sent to surface owners within ¼ mile of proposed

      facility, which is required to include the following information*:

      1. Description of the proposed facility location (Township, Range, Section and parcel) and street address if available
      2. Identification of Applicant and Designated Agent including addresses and phone numbers
      3. Brief description of the proposed facility and equipment to be located on site once operational
      4. Anticipated permit application submittal date of the permit to La Plata County
      5. Statement that Subject to compliance with appropriate county regulations, La Plata County will typically approve this facility within 15 business days of its submittal if the application is complete and in compliance with county regulations. In order to ensure full consideration of public comment, comments on the proposed facility must be provided to the La Plata County Planning Department no later than 10 business days after the permit application submittal date”.
      6. Current address and telephone number of the La Plata County Planning Department
      7. Explanation that additional information regarding the application is available for review at the La Plata County Planning Department
      8. Statement that “county personnel may need to enter onto proposed well site property during review of the permit and thereafter upon notification”
      9. Statement that Surface owners who receive this letter may request written notification from (Operator) of the commencement of construction and drilling operations. Notification regarding commencement dates for construction and for drilling operations (if the application is approved) can be obtained by submitting a request in writing to the Planning Department within 15 business days from the date of the application submittal”.


    2. Attach a list of notified surface owners, including the surface owner where the proposed facility is located, within ¼ mile of the proposed facility.


  1. Attach original certified mailing receipts matching the list of surface owners.


    *Note that a sample letter is available online or by request, from the Planning Department


    1. Attach a copy of the letter that was sent to Division of Wildlife (LPLUC 90-123(d)(1)).


    2. Attach a vicinity map containing the following (LPLUC 90-41):
      1. Appropriate standard scale (1” = 100, 1” = 200, etc.)
  2. Title block, key and north arrow
  3. Section, Township, Range
  4. Well pad boundary
  5. Proposed intermediate pipeline route (if applicable)
  6. Existing water/gas pipeline routes
  7. Current surface ownership of all properties within ¼ mile of the proposed facility(s)
    1. Existing and proposed access to proposed facility, showing how the existing/proposed access ties into a county road or state highway

  1. Setbacks from closest property boundary and closest occupied structure measured from the wellhead and intermediate pipeline.
  2. Please provide a Site BMP Map that corresponds with the information provided in the narrative (listed above).
    1. Please include:
      1. Identify the location of the re-seeding on the Site BMP map
      2. Identify the direction of drainage on the site plan of the runoff offsite and onsite, using arrows to show the direction of drainage. Display topographic lines if possible.
      3. Identify the location(s) of the drainage features
      4. Indentify the location(s) of any visual mitigation techniques


  3. If a narrative and map have already been created for the COGCC that are sufficient to meet the revegetation and/or drainage requirements of this plan, they may be submitted.
  1. Irrigation ditches, streams and rivers within 100’ of the proposed facility.


    1. Attach a Site Plan containing the following (LPLUC 90-41):
      1. Appropriate standard scale (1” = 100; 1” = 200, etc.)
  2. Title block, key and north arrow
  3. Section, Township, and Range
    1. Existing equipment and improvements associated with the existing well (wellhead, separators, graded areas, flowlines, powerlines, etc.)
    2. Proposed equipment and improvements associated with the proposed well (wellhead, separators, graded areas, flowlines, , etc.)
  4. Intermediate pipeline route(if applicable)
  5. Access road entrance onto the well pad
  6. Attachment showing cross-sections of cut and fill areas (Grading Plan).
  7. Irrigation ditches, streams, and rivers within 100’ of the proposed facility.


    1. Site Best Management Practices (BMP) Narrative and Map (LPLUC 90-41):
      1. Please provide a Site BMP Narrative as an attachment to this permit, explaining the interim

        reclamation, drainage structural features, and visual mitigation that will occur onsite.

        1. Please include:

          Visual Mitigation and Revegetation

          1. Artificial lift equipment type (PC pumps, Beam lifts, Linear Rod pumps, etc.)
          2. Equipment painting
          3. Any additional visual mitigation techniques (berms, vegetation, etc.)
          4. A seed mixture, and seeding rates if available
          5. Seeding method and mulching (if applicable) to be conducted
          6. Explain when the re-seeding will most likely occur
          7. Explain the type of weed control to be used onsite or attach weed management plan that has been filed with the County Extension Office.

            Drainage management

          8. The types of structural drainage features, if any, to be used around the location to prevent offsite impacts from erosion/flow. Please differentiate construction and permanent features.


  1. Attach at least four color photographs shot from the center of the well site facing north, east, south, and west (LPLUC 90-41).


Section III: Supplemental Attachments (If Applicable)

  1. If the proposed facility is a production well and is being proposed as a Special Exception (90-
    1. attach the following information:
      1. Narrative providing description of:
        1. Obstacles to expanding existing pad(s)
        2. Efforts to overcome noted obstacles
  2. If available, please attach a well location plat.
  1. Map showing:
    1. Topographic characteristics of site
    2. Natural resources – such as wetlands
    3. Locations of utilities
    4. Limiting technical issues – such as geologic or topographic characteristics
    5. Limiting site conditions – such as irrigation, setback issues, structures
    6. Safety issues
    7. Any other issues outlined in 90-123(4)


Section IV: Follow-up Items Required

  1. Notification regarding equipment changes – email is sufficient. Staff will attach the information to

    the project file. If the equipment changes increase land use impacts, a permit modification will be required (LPC Code 90-44(b)).

  2. Annual updates to Emergency Preparedness Plan (LPC Code 90-51).
  3. If required by the County, provide a copy of written notification provided to surface owners regarding commencement of construction and drilling operations (LPC Code 90-77).
  4. Applicant must send an AutoCad or equivalent GIS digital file of the Proposed Intermediate line to the Office of Emergency Management at pipeline@co.laplata.co.us . It is not necessary to include files of features other than existing and proposed pipelines.