2002 Oil & Gas Impact Report

This County Impact Report (CIR) was prepared in 2002 to identify thepotential impacts to and mitigation measures for specific resources inLa Plata County from the anticipated development of coal bed methane(CBM). The resources addressed were selected based on the goals andobjectives defined by La Plata County. The CIR covers a study areadefined by La Plata County and is based on the maximum number ofColorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) established wellwindows within the study area. With these parameters, it is anticipatedthat about 318 additional CBM wells could be drilled in the study area.Of these 318 CBM wells, up to 194 could occur on private lands. Thesewells would be in addition to the 285 existing (as of 2002) CBM,conventional gas, and disposal wells within the study area.

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