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The Planning Department provides information to the public and explains regulations regarding land use possibilities in the county. Staff processes land development requests per the County Code. Staff also advises decision-makers regarding land use, growth, and development issues in our community. The Planning Department combines current planning and long-range planning to best serve the public interest while allowing growth to occur.

Begin the Land Use application process

The first step in initiating a land use application is to evaluate the feasibility of your project. To assist with this, please complete the Project Information Form and email to, or drop it by the Planning Office.

The Planning Department serves as staff to the following boards:

Planning Commission: Historic Preservation Review Commission:

Chairman: Jim Tencza  Andrew Gulliford 
Tom Gorton  Jim Frahm
Lucy Baizel   Naomi Riess
Frank Lockwood  Nick Kendziorski
Charly Minkler  Ruth Lambert
Debby Reber             Darlene M Koontz
Geri Malandra                    Harris Abernathy
Chris Scott                         Helen Ruth Aspaas

Board of Adjustment:
Steve Barkley                  
Jack Cassidy
Jim Tencza                      
Frank Lockwood
Debby Reber                   

Ashley Ager


Contact information

Damian Peduto, CPM
Community Development Director

211 Rock Point Drive

Durango, CO 81301 (map)
(970) 382-6263

Monday - Friday 8 a.m-5 p.m.

Our Mission:

The Mission of the Planning Department is to provide land use, resource management, and leadership services to residents, landowners, and businesses so they can experience a prosperous, vibrant and beautiful community supported by a fair and equitable planning process.